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About us

About us EXPERT PARCHET - Woodfloor-Experts

Our story begin in 2005 we are Traditional Versailles and French Style Parquet Manufacturer based in Transilvania.
We produce and sell, Versailles parquet panels from solid wood or engineered and other type of French style parquet wood floors and classic parquet:
-herringbone, chevron, classic massive parquet, industrial, engineered floorboards.
-style parquet panels, classic parquet, end grain, distressed wood floors, bespoke parquet panels. 
-different aging techniques, finished parquet panels, versailles panels brushed or tumbled, smoked or structured panels

We have experience in Versailles parquet panels, production based on traditional method made by hand, with wood nails and tongue & grove.
The fact Is that these floors are not every day floors, so they tend to make their away mainly to exclusive homes.
Our special product is Versailles parquet panels from old oak reclaimed (recycled) or new oak.
On request for some projects we can provide full install sevics with our own installers.

Some of our Traditional pattern are:
Chevron, Herringbone, Chantilly, Soubise, Small Versailles, Louvre, Marie Antoinette, D'Aremberg, Monticello, Bordeaux, Chenonceau, Frederiksborg, Dutch etc.