Bauwerk 2 Layer Parquet
Old fitting patterns in moderns interiors:
Fitting patterns such as Hungarian Point (Chevron parquet) and Herringbone (fishbone parquet) are back now and again. Highly skilled floor fitters with an outstanding reputation they get such jobs in renovation or restoration projects, usually in listed public buildings such as libraries, museums, law courts, and old town halls. However, today we now see that these old fitting pattern (Hungarian point and herringbone) are regular part of our floor fitter training. This is partly because these parquet patterns (chevron and herringbone) are very much in fashion in new properties.
Exclusive classic parquet floors:

Who constructs in ultramodern building is usually in a higher price class and may well be a champion of "exclusive" materials and exclusive looks like classic parquet floor is. Fitting patterns such as Hungarian Point and Herringbone are fitted mainly by top level experts who are aware of they value. Moreover, fitting these classic parquet floors is more complicated business than fitting ordinary strips parquet of a wooden floor, so the professional has to spend more hours to complete the parquet job. This too, makes the these classic pattern parquet floors considerably more expensive. Anyone who combines the yearning for an exclusive wood parquet floor with a preference for the natural look of wood automatically ends up choosing these wqualy exclusive fitting patterns (Herringbone or Hungarian Point / Chevron). We mention that Hungarian Point and Herringbone pattern have a depth and colour movements, which enthrall the entire room.
Hungarian Point pattern vs. Herringbone pattern:
Here and there you read about how people often get these two fitting pattern mixed up. Floor fitters might find this hard to understand. After all you can see the difference at once. Here Is an easy way to present them to clients so that they never forget which is which:
- The floorboard shape for herringbone is always rectangle
- The floorboard shape for Hungarian point is a parallelogram
Below we compare the shape in which both pattern are fitted, the techniques by means of which they are fitted and how the dimension of the strips are determined.
a) The fitting shape:
The fitting method for herringbone is contained in the name: the floor is constructed using more or less the same floorboards as ordinary strip parquet, but he floorboards are fitted in the shape of herringbone. This means that the head side is fitted square to the long side of the floorboard at an angle of 90. The herringbone comes completely into its own if it is surrounded by an edge and a locking frieze (a band of strip which are fitted square to the direction of the parquet). In time past , people often used an exotic wood sort for the edge to give the parquet floor an attractive frame. Quite often, you will see the edge designed in wenge or oak smoked due to the dark contrast. With Hungarian point the heads of the strips at sawn at angles of 45 or 60. Once these are fitted with the heads joined together, two strips together form angles of 90 or less sharp angles of 120 (sawn at 60). Sometimes an intermediate frieze (floor border) is fitted between the rows. In the 17th century, they often had to fit a double beam under the rows in order to support the joints. They secured the parquet strips by nailing them with wrought iron nails.
b) The dimensioning: herringbone (fishbone parquet)
With herringbone the size of the strips are determined in relation to the continuous surface which you want to fit. As a rule, it is advisable to use small floorboards for small rooms. Really large size come into their own if the room is in proportion. 500x70mm, 400x70mm, 350x70mm, 350x60mm are very popular size of the strips,but there was a time when the normal size was 160x22mm. For bigger rooms people dared to put two strips next to each other (called double herringbone). For large rooms size 600x100mm or 600x120mm are very common. A modern design is to fit several strips together (whether pre-mounted or not) in one big herringbone joint. Such floors are sometimes called whalebone parquet.
c) The dimensioning: Hungarian Point (Chevron parquet)
Hungarian point can be made in such a way that it fits perfectly. After all, with Hungarian point it is possible to adapt the sizes of the floorboards to the total surface area. Indeed the size of the individual strips are not defined. And so, it is perfectly possible to chose a dimension for the parquet strips, which simply ensures that the floor fits. The choice of length and width of the parquet strips also has an influence on the character of the floor. Short an narrow parquet strips will give a more trendy and more businesslike floor, whilst wider floor boards evoke a more rural atmosphere.
d) Fitting method:
In the past, both this fitting patterns were usually fitted according to the traditional parquet method. And so, basically, the floorboards did not have tongue and grove. Nevertheless, herringbone and chevron is available with tongue and grove even for 15mm thickness. The point about this floors is that you do need two strips a left and a right, as the professionals say on their jargon. If the grove is on the left and the tongue on the right at the top with one strip of the herringbone, it has to be the other way round with the other strip: indeed, you work in reverse. The solid wood strips without tongue and grove are glued and nailed to a subfloor, which, in turn, is glued to the screed (traditional parquet method). As a rule, oak mosaic enjoys the express preference for the subfloor, even though chipboard or OSB plates are being used more often. However, the time has not stood still even for this fitting patterns. Nowadays we find Hungarian point and herringbone pattern just as often in multi-layer parquet, pre-finished.

Floors with depth and colour:
Both Herringbone and Hungarian Point (Chevron) parquet floors change their appearance depending upon the place from which you are look at them, the incidence of light and other factors. These pattern floors have something magical about them because they can give a completely different visual impression to what they are really like. Depending on the of the position of the spectator, Hungarian point can give the impression that the strips make a wave motion. This fitting pattern give the floor both three-dimensional effect and some depth, partly due to the subtle colour differences in the wood. It is precisely because of that effect that herringbone and Hungarian point are also often used as a design for decorative panels. For centuries, oak was the patent holder for the traditional fitting patterns. Why was that? It might have been because oak was the easiest wood to obtain, but also because people trusted the stability of oak. The light and soothing design and the mild range of colours of oak are also, of course, a big advantage.
Our Company based in Transilvania produce both parquet pattern Herringbone and Hungarian Point (Chevron pattern, Point de Hongrie) from solid wood or engineered, multi-layer thickness from 11-23mm, in different length and width. We produce this pattern only at order and delivery time are from 2 to 8 weeks depend on availability of stock of materials and time. Our main production is on oak but we do also Hungarian Point and herringbone from wood such: walnut, oak smoked, acacia steamed, ash, elm, cherry, acacia, jatoba, merbau, wenge, doussie, red oak, american walnut, kambala, etc.
Hungarian Point made from old oak recycled from old houses Is also a product that we make us to take pride. For Hungarian Point (named also Chevron) made from old oak recycled availability in thickness is from 14-23mm, width 50-120mm and maximum long 1200mm. Normal size for Hungarian Point (chevron from old oak recycled) is for example 600x80x22mm or 500x70x22mm or 800x100x22mm. But custom sizes are available on request. Our Hungarian point or herringbone parquet can be delivered unfinished crude and to be sanded and finished after install by our parquet installers or ready finished oiled but only beveled in this case. Hungarian point brushed and beveled or herringbone brushed and beveled are available on request or antique Hungarian point and antique herringbone available on order. We provide install or renovation of wood floors in all EU for all our parquet products on request with our professionals installers at good rates. Samples of our parquet products are available on request on client expense.

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