Admonter Parquet Flooring


Admonter wide planks
represent the peak of technological achievements in production of wooden flooring. Admonter wide planks are unique; they give warmth and enrich every room. They promise a tremendous scope of individual design possibilities.

All* Admonter floors are awarded with PEFC certificate, IBR certificate and 30-years warranty on hidden defects in the floor based on material and manufacturing defects. An impressive piece of nature – the reason, why the Admonter looks so characteristic is the special top layer, which consists of one continuous piece of timber, whose natural beauty is a true pleasure to look at. Only 2% of a tree has the quality, which is required to be turned into an Admonter. No plank is like the other. Designed by nature they are all unique. With their fine structure they display the very traces of all those years and seasons and bring the hidden soul of the tree as well as the energy of the forest right into your home.

Admonter wide planks are extremely stable and ensure high dimension stability. That means that they can perfectly balance the changes in the room climate and reduce the formation of gaps to a minimum. From the manual pre-sorting of the raw materials to the delivery of the floor, an Admonter undergoes a total of 15 quality checks.

You can choose different surface treatments:
- Raw planks: entirely untreated, sanded or brushed.
- Sanded planks: sanded, totally smooth, they can be natural oiled, UV oiled or matt lacquered.
- Brushed planks: the soft parts of the wood are brushed out of the floorboard. This creates a beautiful structure with a surface that is more durable, harder wearing and more impact resistant. They can be natural oiled or UV oiled.
- Natural oiled planks: natural oiled surface is 100% natural and pollutant-free. The natural oil is exclusively made of sustainable raw materials such as sunflower oil, natural waxes and calcium. The special feature of this surface represent the open pores allowing the floor to breathe. It has a regulatory effect on moisture, in this way ensuring a healthy room climate. A natural patina will ensure extraordinary durability only through regular care & maintenance with Admonter Clean&Care and Admonter Maintenance Oil.
- Natural white oiled planks: Applying white oil to the raw floorboard will create a different appearance, which is at times almost similar to that of an raw plank. Two additional layers of oil are applied on top of the coat of white oil. This ensures that none of the white pigmentation is lost.
- UV oiled planks: The UV oil consists of approximately 60% sustainable constituents. The UV oiled surface requires little effort in terms of care & maintenance and is very durable. If you would like to have the natural matt appearance of a natural oiled surface and be able to expend relatively little time for care & maintenance, we recommend a UV oiled surface.
- Matt lacquer planks: the application of matt acrylic lacquer will entirely seal the pores of the wood. This acrylic lacquering is elastic and extremely simple to take care of. An additional »anti-scratch« coating makes the floor extremely durable and resistant. However, all these characteristics are at the expense of the totally natural surface. At the same time lacquer closes the pores and the floor can not breathe anymore. Also the appearance is more artificial than that of natural oiled surfaces.

Treat yourself to Admonter wide planks, you won´t be sorry.

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