Expert Parchet Company

EXPERT PARCHET - start work with parquet wood floors since 1990, in 2005 we start Cooperation with our Partner FRENCH VERSAILLES PARQUET, producer of traditional Versailles parquet panels or other type of French style parquet wood floors, classic parquet wood floors as herringbone parquet, chevron parquet (point de hongrie), etc.
We have big experience in Versailles parquet panels production based on traditional method, parquet made by hand, with wood nails and tongue and grove.
We have in our flooring range: massive oak classic parquet (herringbone), French style parquet pattern (Versailles parquet panels, Bourbon panels, Chantilly panels, Chenonceau panels, Marie Antoinette panels, Brittany panels, Loire panels or chevron parquet pattern, D’Aremebreg panels, Monticello panels, Chateau parquet etc.) all made based on traditional method tongue & grove and wood nailed, oak wide floorboards engineered or massive thick 10-23 mm, design parquet floor, 2 layer parquet, mosaic parquet floor, industrial parquet floor, parquet for bath, outside decking, wood stairs and doors & windows and also luxury furniture from massive wood or composite.
We provide for our clients on request not only wood floors but also full services regarding install of wood floors, renovation of old wood floors, wood stairs, transport and also best quality materials for floor install.
Our Partners are: Murexin (at), Overmat (nl), Bauwerk (ch), Teka-Plyquet (de) One of best sale product Is Old Oak Versailles parquet panels made from old oak recicled, recuperated from old houses or other old buildings, real old wood floor panel not imitation.
We have clients for our parquet wood floors products in: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Romania, USA, EAU, Australia, etc.

  Brochures & Catalogues of Our Parquet Floors

4 Seasons Engineered Bauwerk Art Work 2013 Castle Old Floorboards Design Parquet Panels Engineered Parquet Floor Love for Detail Parquet Scale Silverline Wide Parquet Traditional Versailles Floor Vintage Edition
Prime Old Grey
Ultra Mat Varnish
Design Line
Decking Oil
Floorservice Overmat
Mapei Ultracoat Brochure
Eco Prim PU 1K
Ultrabond P902 2K
Ultrabond P990 1K
Ultracoat High Traffic
Ultracoat Oil
Murexin Bonding
Bauwerk Maintenance
Maintenance Oil
Floorboy XL300
Parquet Cleaning
Care & Parquet Floors
Floor Heating & Parquet
Dimensional & Stability
Parquet Selection Criteria
Epoxy & Polyurethane Glue
Soundproofing for glued parquet
French Versailles Parquet Panels
Hard Wax Oil Products
Laying Rules for Parquet Tiles
Self Level Compond for Wood Floor Install
How to store you Parquet
Conditions of Guarantee for Our Wood Floors
Admonter Flooring
LVT Luxury Vinil Tiles
Solidfloor Flooring
Dream Parquet Collection
Wood Decking & Cladding
Solid Parquet Prefinished
Waterproof Laminate
Linoleum Flooring
3-Layer Floors
2-Layer Floors
PVC Vinil Flooring
Floor Castle Collection
Old Oak Reclaimed Floors
Mapei Resin Flooring
Winflex Vinyl Flooring