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EXPERT PARCHET - We start to work with parquet wood floors since 2002 (install and finishing of parquet wood floors) after that in 2005 we put our Company EXPERT PARCHET (translated "Wood Floors Experts") base and we start to Cooperate with another Partner FRENCH VERSAILLES PARQUET producer of Versailles parquet panels or other type of French style parquet wood floors and classic parquet wood floors such as herringbone, chevron (point de hongrie), etc.
Our tradition to work in parquet floors and Versailles floors production back since 1990, more than 23 years ago and together we have big Experience in Versailles parquet panels production based on traditional method made by hand, with wood nails and tongue & grove and we have a lot of experience in install of this exclusive parquet wood floors or all kind of wooden floors.
Bauwerk 2 Layer Parquet Wood Floors for Bathroom and Walls Heringbonne and Classic Parquet Flooring
Bauwerk 2 Layer Parquet

BAUWERK - Same Amount of Switzerland in Our Past as in Our Future ... For more than 70 years, the tradition-rich Swiss company BAUWERK has manufactured parquet to the highest standards with a typical Swiss awareness for quality. Swiss parquet Pioneer: Over 70 years ago, Ernst Gohner laid the foundation for out tradition-rich Swiss company.

Wood Floors for Bathroom & Walls

When choosing bathroom flooring, you have the same considerations as you do for flooring for other rooms in your house. Is it durable? Will it stand up to the kids? Does it look nice or tacky? How does it feel under bare feet. But the main consideration for bathroom flooring is, of course, moisture.

Heringbonne and Classic Parquet

Fitting patterns such as Hungarian Point (Chevron parquet) and Herringbone (fishbone parquet) are back now and again. Highly skilled floor fitters with an outstanding reputation they get such jobs in renovation or restoration projects, usually in listed public buildings such as libraries, museums, law courts, and old town halls.

Bespoke and Marquetry Flooring Wide Oak and Walnut Flooring Wood Stairs and Wood Walls Coverings
Bespoke & Marquetry Wood Floors

You tell us what bespoke parquet floor you are looking and we will find the right product for you. If you have a strong idea of a particular design that you would like we can find it or even get it made for you. Whether it is to be wide plank flooring, strip floors, sports floors, hardwood, softwood, parquet or even marquetry flooring we are the right people to ask, because we know where to go. After years of experience in the hardwood flooring world we know choosing the right wood floor is crucial and what is more it is a decision for life, because most hardwood floors will last a lifetime.

Wide Oak & Walnut Flooring

We have a deserved high reputation for our real solid and engineered oak & walnut flooring and have worked with architects and interior designers on contemporary wooden floor designs and restoration projects to help choose the right wood floor for their projects. It's easy to see why they choose our solid and engineered oak & walnut flooring we produce, deliver and install on request our floor at high quality.

Wood Stairs & Wood Walls Coverings

STAIRCASES, STEPS - Wooden stairs radiate a completely different quality than stairs made of any other material. You may remember a visit to a castle, presbytery or an old manor house where the large, stately staircase immediately leaves its mark on the overall image of the building. Whatever style you choose, EXPERT PARCHET SRL has a solution in the best wood.

Antique Castle Floors Online Expert Parchet Shop Traditional Versailles French Parquet Panels - Marquetry
Antique Castle Floors

Castle ANTIQUE CASTEL collection creates identity of historically aged floors and bears the traces of passage of time. Their surface awakens the spirit of history in every room. Essentially faithful and understanding, they are discerning in their design, on the other hand grandiose and arrogant in their size. Their texture is intensive in detail and unsurpassed in effect. They cannot be different from truly old wood planks.

Traditional Versailles French Parquet Panels - Marquetry

Our traditional French Versailles parquet wood floors just as in the past are made according to the old French method, the elements are combined with tongue and groove with no adhesive, just like the real parquets that appeared in France in the XVII century. We create our parquet products with care for History, Nature and Traditional methods.

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